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6 creative ways to decorate the outdoor space with bean bags

6 creative ways to decorate the outdoor space with bean bags

6 creative ways to decorate the outdoor space with bean bags

Creating a comfortable and attractive outdoor environment with SLOWDOWN products is easy and smooth. This universal and cozy furniture can transform your terrace, garden or balcony into an irreplaceable place for relaxation. In this blog, you'll find six creative ways to integrate bean bags into your outdoor space to enjoy nature while experiencing the comfort of this versatile and stylish piece of furniture.

Create a bohemian relaxation zone

Create a bohemian relaxation zone on your terrace, in your garden or on your balcony with the help of colorful bean bags. Choose bean bags in different sizes and patterns and place them freely and asymmetrically. Add some cushions on the floor, bean bags, a low coffee table and you will have created a bohemian atmosphere in your relaxation corner. This cozy corner will be an excellent place to relax with a book, enjoy a refreshing drink or spend time with friends under the open sky.

Paradise by the pool

For maximum relaxation by the pool, consider using water-repellent or water-repellent bean bags. They are specially designed to withstand water that may get on the beanbags, making them a practical choice for your pool area. Place some bean bags at the edge of the pool and others a little further away on the terrace to create a comfortable place to sunbathe or just enjoy the atmosphere by the pool.

The garden corner

Enhance your garden by integrating bean bags and creating a relaxation corner. Place the beanbags among lush greenery or under a tree for some shade. Surround the area with potted plants and lamps to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. This little oasis will be a perfect place for morning coffee, afternoon tea or stargazing under a clear sky.

The outdoor cinema

Turn your garden into an outdoor cinema by placing bean bags in front of a large projection screen or a white wall and showing films with a projector. Invite friends and family to a movie night under the stars. Complete the space with outdoor lamps, blankets and tasty snacks. Outdoor movie nights become a cherished tradition with comfortable bean bags.

Evening by the campfire

Camp, light a campfire and gather around the fire with bean bags. Sitting soft and comfortable, roasting marshmallows, enjoying the warmth of the fire and talking with friends becomes even more pleasant.


Replace the traditional picnic blankets with bean bags. Place several beanbags in a circle on the lawn and place a high tray or table with food in the middle. This not only provides a comfortable eating area but also helps avoid unwanted visits from insects.

From garden corners to outdoor cinemas - with bean bags you can create many creative ways to uniquely decorate the outdoor space. Take advantage of the flexibility and comfort that these versatile beanbags offer and transform your terrace, garden or balcony into a stylish oasis. With a little creativity and some bean bags, you can make the most of your outdoor space and create memorable moments with friends and family.


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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