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Important! In order to get the money back, it is important that the duffel bag is completely unused and in its original condition when it is sent back. If the bean bag is sent back dirty  or not in  new condition  30% of the amount. All returned goods must be packed in original packaging. The buyer is responsible for the cost of the return shipping.

Uncollected bean bag/sack bag fee as return.

Error in delivery address charge as return.

Return shipping prices

poufs Mini, Me, UP!, Soft table 40, 50 liter filling, 100 liter filling, ON60 cushion 45x65cm, cover, inner bag - SEK 199/piece

beanbags Plus, Plus50, Play, 2me, 1me, Game, Razzy, Roll85, Cocoon 80, 200 liter balls, softbox, OM85 - SEK 259/piece

beanbags Razz, 300 liter balls - SEK 399/pc

Bean bags Seat, Tube, Roll100, 400 liter balls - SEK 499/piece

Beanbags Lounge, Razzmatazz, 4me, Moln Moln M, OM110 (packed) - SEK 499/pc

beanbags Moog, Sunbed, Tube XL, OM135 (packaged) - SEK 799/pc

Sacco sofas seat sofa, lounge sofa, moog sofa, roll135 1000 liters, Moln M, OM110 (unpacked) - SEK 990/piece

bean bag Cloud L (unpacked), soffa sunbed - SEK 1390/pc

or leave all duffel bags for free in our warehouse Motala 591 32

Packages that are not picked up at Posten's delivery points are automatically sent back after 14 days. We charge as return for handling and shipping.

ATTENTION! Beanbags with print or embroidery cannot be returned.

For overseas return price - contact customer service by email.

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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