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Question 1. When will you receive my order?

We receive your order when you click the "Buy" button and make a payment. You will receive a confirmation via e-mail about the delivery.

Question 2. What should I do if I can't find the information I need in the item description?

Write us an email at info@puskupusku.se and we will respond within one working day.

Question 3. What should be done if the information in the product description is not the same as on other web pages?

Feel free to write us an email at  info@puskupusku.se, we will check the information and respond within one working day.

Question 4. Can the price be discussed?

We always strive to offer our customers the best price, but if you want to buy more than 5 pieces, you can email info@puskupusku.se and we will get back to you with the best price proposal based on the number of items.

Question 5. How can I pay for bean bags?

You can pay with visa/mastercard, directly via swedbank, Swish or Klarna invoice.

Question 6. Can you pay for an item that is then delivered to another person?

Yes. Just enter the correct address to which the goods are to be delivered (please enter this under the "Other comments" tab as well).

Question 7. When do you start processing orders?

If you pay via the internet bank, we start the order immediately after we receive the payment. It usually does not take more than one working day.

Question 8. What information is required for an invoice?

We need a company name, company number, VAT number and address.

Question 9. How do you get an invoice for the goods you have bought?

You will receive the invoice to the email address you provided on the same working day that your order is dispatched. A digital invoice also serves as a warranty card.

Question 10. Can a company/municipality buy your goods? Do you write invoices?

Yes, Swedish and Norwegian companies/municipalities can buy our goods.

Question 11. Are your prices inclusive of VAT?

Yes, all our prices are shown incl. VAT and delivery in Sweden.

Question 12. Where can Pusku pusku deliver goods?

Puskupusku.se delivers goods throughout Sweden at no extra cost. For delivery abroad, contact us by e-mail.

Question 13. How long does it take to deliver goods?

Estimated delivery time is indicated for each individual item, by the model's COLOR (below the image). Stock goods delivery time is 2-5 days. Out of stock 1-2 weeks.

Question 14. Can you pick up goods yourself?

So far, this possibility does not exist.

Question 15. Can you deliver the product earlier than stated on Puskupusku.se?

The product's delivery time is calculated automatically. We cannot shorten it.

Question 16. I want to enter extra information when ordering (port code, delivery instructions, etc.). Where can I do it?

In the shopping cart where you enter your name under the "Other comments" tab at the bottom.

Question 17. Can I cancel goods?

Answer yes. You can do that via the email info@puskupusku.se

Question 18. Can you look at beanbags that you are interested in? Do you have a business?

Beanbags can be viewed at the PuskuPusku office in Motala, but you need to decide on the visit time beforehand. Follow our news – we are at many fairs.

Question 19. What are your working hours?

Pusku pusku working hours in Motala are as follows: Mon - Fri 08:00 - 18:00

Question 20. Can I order goods by phone?

No sorry. You can get information by phone, while all orders are made via the webshop

Question 21. I want to unsubscribe from the newsletter. How should I do?

Click on the link at the bottom of a newsletter you received - "Unsubscribe newsletter".

Question 22. What does SKIN/outer bag mean?

SKIN/outer bag – it is the outer bag of the bean bag (the one that is the color of the bean bag). There are no plastic balls or inner bag in it. SKIN/outer bag is usually bought when you want to change the bean bag's outer bag.

Question   23. Can you rent duffel bags?

Yes, all information about beanbags can be found here: https://www.puskupusku.se/sittsackar-hyra.html

Question   24. Man man print a logo on the bean bag?

Yes, all information about embroidery or printing on bean bags can be found here:


Question 25. Where should I contact if the bean bag breaks?

Feel free to write an email to info@puskupusku.se and we will get back to you with all the information. You can read more about guarantees here:

Question 26. Is there a guarantee on your goods?

All goods sold at www.puskupusku.se have the same guarantees as in normal shops.


We offer a 12-month warranty on our beanbags from the date of purchase. The warranty does not apply to mechanical damage caused by improper use.

The warranty covers defects in the quality of the products that are the Seller's fault.

The warranty covers all parts of the Goods as well as supplementary parts except for the filling of the seat bags (plastic balls), in other words the wear of the plastic balls (which is completely normal; and you need to fill the seat bag ether for a while).

Normal wear and tear or changes in properties are not considered a lack of quality of the goods.

Warranty repairs are not carried out if the goods are used incorrectly or damaged

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