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Sunbed which is best for you?

Sun beds and deck chairs are popular options when it comes to relaxing in the garden or on the balcony. But which option suits you best? In this article, we'll go through what a sunbed actually is and compare the benefits of both sunbeds and deckchairs so you can make the perfect choice for your outdoor environment.

What is a sunbed?

A sunbed is a comfortable and practical piece of furniture for relaxing or sunbathing outdoors on the patio. A sunbed can be made from different materials such as wood or rattan, and is available in different styles and colors to suit your personal taste. Deck chairs, on the other hand, are smaller than sunbeds but can also be a good option if you have limited space on your patio. Both pieces of furniture give you comfort when you want to enjoy the sun without having to lie down directly on the ground.

Sunbeds usually have several functions such as adjustable backrest, padded pillow at the head end and wheels under the seat so that it is easier to move it around as needed. Most models come with a protective covering for the fabric, which makes it easy and quick to clean before the next use. The best thing about a sunbed is its flexibility because you get both sleeping and sitting places at the same time - perfect for quiet days on the patio!

Functions of the sunbed

The sunbed is the ultimate piece of furniture for relaxation and sunbathing. Adjustable backrest makes it easy to find the right angle for maximum comfort, while built-in wheels facilitate movement between different places on the patio. In addition, the solar panel is an excellent addition that provides energy to rechargeable devices such as phones or tablets.

The sun lounger is not only perfect for relaxing and sunbathing, it also has a built-in solar panel that powers your electronic devices!

When choosing your sunbed, you can choose from different materials, colors and styles depending on your preferences. Wooden furniture gives a rustic feel while rattan creates a more relaxed atmosphere. Regardless of the type of furniture you choose, your new sunbed will be the highlight of the garden or on the balcony!

Advantages of using a sunbed

Promotes relaxation and reduces stress: A sunbed provides the opportunity for relaxation, which can reduce stress in the body. While lying on a sunbed, you can let go of all your worries and experience the peace and quiet that nature offers.

Reduces the risk of damage from sunlight through an adjustable roof or parasol: When you rest on a sunbed under strong sunlight, the risk of skin damage increases. Sunbeds with adjustable roof height or parasols reduce this risk while protecting you from too much light.

Provides even exposure of the sun over the entire body: With its design, a sunbed provides even exposure to the entire body, allowing you to get the desired tan without unpleasant streaks or missed areas. Material choices such as wood or rattan can give extra style points to your patio as there is a large selection of colors and furniture where you can easily adapt to your own taste preferences.

Sun bed vs sun lounger

A sunbed is perfect for those who want a full-body tan. The sunbed gives an even and nice result as the whole body lies flat against the surface. It is also comfortable to lie in for extended periods of time, making it a good choice for relaxation.

A sun lounger, on the other hand, is more practical if you only want to sunbathe parts of your body or if you have limited space on the balcony or terrace. The sun lounger takes up less space and can easily be moved around as needed. In addition, it is often cheaper than a sunbed, making it an economical option for those who do not intend to use it very often.

Differences between a sunbed and a deckchair

The sunbed is usually larger and wider than a sun lounger, giving more space to stretch out and relax. In addition, you can adjust the sunbed's neck and foot support in several different positions as needed, while the sun lounger usually only has one or two fixed positions.

on the other hand, the sunbed is much more practical to move around because it is smaller in size and not as heavy as a bulky sunbed.

Choosing between a sunbed or a sun lounger depends on your personal preferences and how much space you have available at home or on the beach. If you want a little extra space to be able to lie comfortably for long periods of time, it is recommended to get a more spacious and adjustable sofa sun bed instead of a standard sun lounger.

Advantages of a sun lounger

A sun lounger is a perfect piece of furniture for relaxing and enjoying the sun. But there are also many other advantages to choosing a sun lounger instead of a large and unwieldy sun bed.

Easy to store when not in use

A deckchair takes up much less space than a traditional sunbed, making it easier to store when the summer is over.

Easier to transport to the beach or park compared to a large and unwieldy sunbed

Beach chairs are usually light enough for one person to carry by themselves, so you can take them anywhere

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