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Office furniture


With the help of a wide range of colors and fabrics, Pusku pusku can satisfy every customer's wishes. All fabrics have been carefully selected by our specialists, so that you can choose what fits best. Each fabric has its own characteristics: some fabrics are best for indoor use, others are perfect for outdoor use. Check our fabric descriptions and choose what would fit best!

The road to motivation: the possibilities of colorful bean bags

At work we spend almost half of our lives, so it is not surprising that everyone dreams of working in a company with spaces for recreation or creative tasks in colorful lounges, educational team building and flexible working hours. Employee motivation and productivity are becoming important steps in increasing the company's success and profit, so it is natural that this perception is getting stronger and employers are looking for different ways to improve the working conditions of their most important resource.

Considering the convenience of the staff, the trend of having lounge areas in the office is getting stronger. They help employees think creatively, relax, work in a team, be in an informal environment and feel comfortable. It is enough to find a quieter corner to rest and the staff  will be much more productive after a few minutes of break. In addition, such spaces encourage employee creativity, make it easier to come up with new ideas that are much needed to maintain the distinctiveness of the company and maintain competitiveness. As the workload increases and deadlines become shorter, stress becomes a part of the work that you want to reduce as much as possible. Therefore, the company's goal is to create an informal working environment with the feeling of home: in this way beanbags, televisions and slippers become part of the office. Many other activities contribute to the motivation such as table football, beanbags, Xbox game console, dart board, scooters and many other things that can only be limited by the imagination.

It's no wonder that you get ideas in an original designed and comfortable office, and not in a gloomy old building. In Europe, it is mostly IT and advertising companies that invest in such spaces. The number of companies ordering beanbags for their lounge areas is constantly increasing. Beanbags in different sizes and often with embroidered or printed logos reach different companies  such as Itella Logistics, Headex Group, Visma, Integrity PR, Nisan office, Team Gate, ADFORM, Vinted, Storebrand and many others.

Ways to motivate employees and increase their productivity are becoming increasingly inventive and varied, and the dog for the office or a goldfish no longer surprises when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere. Due to the fast pace of life and the workload, breaks in the workplace are necessary and lounges are then a good choice to keep the employees satisfied and working.

Inredare Asta Stanaityte

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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