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Pusku Pusku beanbags

Pusku Pusku is a young and innovative brand, founded in 2008. Our main desire is to help people realize that you don't necessarily need big changes or investments to be happy. Enjoy and enjoy a little extra when you sit on our comfortable beanbags, by yourself or with your loved ones and feel that life is really happy. With Pusku Pusku, you can choose from various products designed for modern people who seek new design ideas and the uniqueness of every detail. A wide range of materials and colors and a variety of seating furniture models help discover Pusku Pusku products that best fit the interior and with the most discerning style experts.

Pusku Pusku has become known all over the world. We want to increase awareness of the Pusku Pusku brand in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Finland and Spain, but also on the rest of the continent! About 86 percent of the company's products are sold with a Pusku Pusku label and we can offer individual production of bean bags that have labels with customers' brands on them, and also bean bags designed by our customers and with a unique image on them. We strive to offer the highest quality - from press images and embroidered logos to the creation of unique, individual bean bags.

Your and our possibilities are endless, so check the next page and see for yourself!

Fåtöljer och soffor
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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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